21 Gifs for the Last 5 Month

Reading long recaps of people’s lives is boring. Therefore, I give you 21 gifs describing my last five months of traveling and climbing.

1) Flew back to red rocks after a month at home.



2) Punted off of Meadowlark Lemon and I was choked.



3) It started to rain so I went to bishop.



4) Did a handful of hard boulders and was as pumped as Sean Connery at a sporting event.



5) I started having car problems.



6) I was told I needed a new transmission and I was in as much disbelief as Kanye and Kim.



7) Drove to LA to fix my car and was just as stern faced but not nearly as handsome as Ryan Gosling.



8) I was told it was fine and was as relieved as Antonio Banderas.



9) Went back to bishop and got in the groove  and sent some hard boulders.

giphy copy 2


10) I Failed to do some hard boulders. I just couldn’t hold on tight enough.

10 no send


11) Climbed with some new and old friends. And yes, the dude in the speedo represents me.



12) Met Tory in LA and we were like…



13) Took a break from climbing and did the tourist thing and drove up the coast.



14) Stopped in Squamish.



15) Flew home for a month to work and train.



16) Competed in the Ring of Fire comp and got beat by teenaged girls.



17) Flew back to Squamish and miraculously managed to go through customs and security and re-check two bags and a mountain bike in less than 45 minutes. Real talk.



18) Built mountain bike trails which is basically the same as working on a chain gang.



19) Finished work and began funemployment.




20) Sent some rock climbs like Revial (14b) and Supermanboy (14c).



21) Now I’m stressing trying to do Dreamsnatcher or whatever it’s called. I want it as bad as the cookie monster wants cookies.




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